Monday, March 7, 2011


If you have a computer with Windows 7 as the operating system, you have a built-in virus that will destroy much of your other software. Windows does not like competition so Windows 7 has been designed to sysematically destroy any software that competes with it. Many of the other software programs are superior to what windows has to offer and windows doesn’t want them around. I had several reliable and easy to use programs that had performed flawlessly for years but when I got a new computer with Windows 7 I immediately began having problems.  First it was my Quartro pro 10 files.  The icons for activating Quarto pro disappeared from my desktop and from the start menu and when I would try to open one of my files I would get a message telling me that windows didn’t know what program had created the file and couldn’t open it.  I searched inside the program files until I found the initiating file for Quatro pro so I could open and print all of my Quatro pro files and I put shortcuts to Quatro pro on my desktop.  The next time I tried to open these same files they could not be opened.  I went into the program files again and tried to use the initiating part of the program again but nothing would work this time. Fortunately, I had printed the files, otherwise everything would have been lost.  Quatro pro has not worked since.
Next it was my HP image editor software that wouldn’t activate.  Again, I searched inside the program files and found the activating key so I could use the image editor again.  About the same time I had the same problem pop up with Word Perfect 10.  It was at this jpoint that I realized that all of these programs were in direct competition with Windows software and better quality.  The only thing I could think of to do was to stop accepting Windows updates.  That has been a couple of months ago and both HP image editor and Word Perfect are still working but not as smoothly as they used to.
Windows 7 is so convoluted that you can never depend on it doing the same thing twice.  There are times when it absolutely will not do what I ask it to do and I have to find a different way to get where I want to go.  If I were a beginner computer user I would be completely lost.  I guess the only way to get along with Windows 7 is to not try to use any software  that competes with window software.

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